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The Best Mexican Dog - 09 Apr 2020 12:33


We searched everywhere, and searched lower and lower, and narrowed the field down to a few qualified candidates. However, when it comes to the best dog for allergies, one breed has one head and the other has shoulders!

Meet Xoloitzcuintli

Well, it's a knee! Otherwise known as Xolo or Mexican hairstyle, it is … well … hairless.

Of course, we know that in most cases, animal allergies are not due to hair, but to dandruff. Mexican Dog Names This little baby still wins our best dog for allergies because it is so easy to keep this smooth, hairless skin clean!


This little dog, or at least the breed in which we vote for the best dog against allergies, has been around for a long time - almost three and a half thousand years is fine, and interestingly enough, though it is called Mexican Hairless (This is best for him) Why make a dog? Allergy) This can actually be found in the hairy version! The Mexican hairstyle is actually a genetic mutation that occurred spontaneously a few thousand years ago, and in fact every litter of Xolo puppies has both hairy and hairy siblings.

but how are you?

Of course, it is his non-intrusive nature that makes him allergic-friendly and wins our vote as the best dog for allergies, but you don't want to go bald because he's bald, do you? In addition to being the best dog for airlessness and therefore allergies, Chloe is a quiet adult in every way, although she is most commonly known as a puppy for spring. They are also hunters and are likely to hunt strange small animals. You are a very brave little boy, so you need to keep an eye on them as you fight.

They are medium to small in size, which makes them easy to use and is one of the best dogs for allergies. They were worshiped as sacred by the Aztec, so if you work with a partner, Xolo or Mexican hairdresser you are in very good company - you can almost say they are kings!

Where can you find them?

Despite having a long and well-known history as a puppy dog ​​in Mexico, American dog clubs and associations have not recognized the existence of the zoo until the mid-20th century, and the title of Best Dog Against Allergies Despite their obvious claim to, are still very rare, and if so if you are allergic to our selection on our selection for the best dog If you want to Rapt, find a kennel club you need a place or a breeder contact.

While Quilo seems a bit weird with its smooth skin, second-colored pimples and pimples, it is definitely a good choice for the best dog against allergies, and for this reason we can only see an increase in its skin. Popularity of other breeds such as sugar crush in which hair is not more or less thin. - Comments: 0

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