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Dog Body Language - 13 Mar 2019 11:40


Have you ever thought that your dog will tell you if he can just talk? Believe it or not, they always try to say something through the language of your body. As a pet owner, it is very useful to be familiar with the actions and behavior of your dog. If you know what your pet is after reading your body language, you can save many efforts. German Dog Names It takes time, but it's worth late.

Here is a 5 Dog Body Language Interpretation that helps all dog owners:

If your dog sees you with big eyes

This means that your pet wants your attention. When he shakes his tail, his mouth becomes calm, and his ears move, he is a good mood - he probably wants to play with you, wants to ask some remedy or rub his stomach.

If she loses her face

He had eaten something without killing his mouth, his pet had cut his face, it could mean that he was nervous, under pressure, or out of stress. Pure or scratch his ears behind your ears!

If he wears his tail gradually and slowly

If your dog looks slowly with a tail tail, it means that it is in standby mode. He knows that you are a boss and want to follow your lead. She is waiting for what to do next - are you playing with her? Are you going to walk with her? Do you do something good for him? If it shows these behaviors, then command.

When he raises the claw

If he does that (even if he knows the handshake trick), he can ask you something. It can be food, water, cure or just a stomach. He can not tell what you want, so be more careful.

When he shows his teeth

When a dog shows his teeth, whether it is raised or not, it means that it protects something and tries to warn you. This can be his favorite toy or incomplete joy. Some dog owners may find this behavior negative, but can be stopped with some training.

Find out what your pet thinks and what the dog tries to tell you with the interpretation of this 5 body language!

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